Members’ Testimonies

Members’ Testimonies

Don’t take our word for it. Here are a very small sample of subscribers’ quotes and experiences pertaining to the King Report.

I just wanted to say your report is something special. Never have I read such a stimulating report packed with so much insider Wall Street knowledge that is so lucid and honest. You have taught me, an honest money advocate, and investor of 20 years more in one year than all my (now) less knowledgeable brokers. I know more than them , and you guys helped. And now that we continue having great profitable months, rest assured we use our profits to save, invest, give to charity and church, and stay out of debt, and put honest free market people in office (ok —we need more of those on the ticket!). Best Regards and God Bless You all at King!

After 7 years with NT in Santa Barbara, I’ve left to join the local office of Manchester Capital Management. After a week here, I find that I can’t live without the King Report. Your work is without equal.VG

You’re a prince! I love your stuff, esp. in these troubled times.SS

…I just love receiving your daily report…It’s the very first thing I read every morning when I open my email… MB

One of your subcribers sent me your report for yesterday. I was flattered to see my article from the NYT Magazine quoted there. I wanted to let you know that I always enjoy your report when I see it.
Best wishes,NF

I’m still getting your highly informative King Report, and thank you so much for it; it sure is useful for keeping track of what’s truly going on. JN

I am sorry that I was not able to make lunch today, but I did want to give you some thoughts on your strategy of staying short. I have learned a lot from watching you analyze the markets over the past year. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it has worked – not just in terms of total return, which I know is how you approach the markets, but from an institutional standpoint as well… VB

I run [deleted] and someone sent me a copy of your King Report from today. The first page and a half contain the best analysis of the danger from derivatives I have ever seen. May I repost it? If so, let me know what you would like me to say about the King Report and your firm at the bottom, I want you to pick up some more customers. Bob M

Hi Bill,
As a new subscriber to your newsletter, we are so delighted with it that we are already signing up a second employee to the service after two short weeks!

Hey, Bill:
Your paid subscribers are getting plenty of value. My great idea was only to save the world … entirely at your expense! I’d like to drop tens of thousands of copies of your letter every night from a B-52 over New York and Washington, along with some heavier stuff. CP

We haven’t spoken in a while. I just had to let you know—–this missive made me laugh out loud in a good way. You’ve been right on the money for the past year—your e-mails have been a source of comfort to be, because I have been very short credit and subprime for over a year (and getting loads of crap about it). Well–it has worked, and now all is well. Just wanted to let you know you’re the man. BE, Investment official of money center bank

We are mailing you a check today so we will not be without your INVALUABLE service for one day! Thanks for your amazing work! AK, president of money management firm

Le Metropole Members,
This guy Bill King is as as good at it gets. For your reading pleasure… BM

Bill….the reports you have sent (and I have read) since “stumbling” across your publication in the Airport lounge in Heathrow, have blown me away….it’s Financial Times on steroids (I hope the comparison doesn’t offend). I have always spent a lot of time researching material trying to decipher – through the clutter of the CNBC’s and WSJ’s – just exactly what the hell IS going on. I have since researched your firms letter on the internet, and there are the usual “bear, and doom” comments…yet reality is, your King Report captures and condenses reality in print, and offers an incredible amount of perspective from. Sources that I would never have the time nor ability to access. LN

on it. thx again. u make me smarter…and more scared 🙂

Bill rocks like nobody else out there i stopped reading all the other news analysis crap I get

GM, renowned money manager

I had my coffee and read all the “reports” at 4.30a.m.  Then I was able to appropriately, begin my day.  They were interesting as always and helpful to my decision making related to Village/Stadium finances.

Mayor of Chicago suburb

A good friend highly recommended your newsletter. Can you please add me to your mailing list? (I asked ‘whot might that be?)

TG. He was a prop trader at GS when we both worked at GS and his prop
group read you religiously. He has left GS and is working for a hedge
fund now.

BC, former Goldman Sachs proprietary trader

I was just laid off after 12 years at Goldman Sachs.  Your morning note has been an integral part of my day for years.  If possible it would be fantastic to continue receiving it while I find a new position.  Thank you for your invaluable insights over the years.



Mr. King, I’ve been a subscriber of your newsletter for a few months now and started receiving it in early August, and I find it very insightful with a lot of information content I would never come across
without it.  To say the least, it has helped my performance over the last few months, as I manage a Large Core MF, and 2 SMA strategies all totaling roughly $250M.

I’ve been reading your comments over the last few weeks on what will happen early next year when people realize the true severity of the economic malaise, and how other people are predicting dire outcomes for the U.S.  However, my question to you is, what do you feel is the ultimate outcome from an economic/financial standpoint (i.e. job losses, inflation, GDP, etc…) and where you think the market (S&P500) is ultimately headed before this is all over?. I know that’s a loaded question, but please provide as much insight as you can.
Thanks, JS, investment officer

Your daily commentary has been invaluable. Thank you. John H., president of money management firm

My mentor when i began and worked with early in my career at opco and odyssey partners, Michael Metz, always felt that your letter was in the top three on wall street. You know what, mike is correct about your daily’s and its an honor to read . Thanks for your hard work. BB, former MLB player and Senior Managing Director at bulge bracket firm

In my opinion, Bill King is the best daily out there, and the most complete and powerful collage of events relevant to our case. TR, professional money manager and hedge fund operator

Your honest and “Independent View of the News” has saved anybody who would listen, most of their life savings…
Thank you
Best regards, DM, an individual investor

And thanks for your morning missives.  They are informative, eye-opening, and entertaining. from a Fortune 500 CEO

I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. Z, a consultant to major hedge funds