FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A list of acronym for financial terms Frequently Asked Questions:

BoE – Bank of England

BoJ – Bank of Japan

ECB – European Central Bank

PBoC – Peoples’ Bank of China

BoC – Bank of Canada

SNB– Swiss National Bank

SAMA – Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

FOMC – Federal Reserve Open Market Committee

SWF – Sovereign Wealth Fund

SPU – S&P designates S&P 500 futures, ‘U’ designates the month of September. ‘H’ is March; ‘M’ is June; and ‘Z’ is December.

USU – US designates US 30-year Treasury futures, ‘U’ designates the month of September

BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics

B/D – the BLS’s Net Business Birth/Death Model

NFP – Nonfarm Payrolls

SA – Seasonally Adjusted

NSA – Not Seasonally Adjusted

Core – ex-food & energy

TIC – Treasury International Capital

PWGFM – President’s Working Group on Financial Markets

PPT – Plunge Protection Team, the Washington Post’s term for the PWGFM

Wise guys – professional traders