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dailyreportDue to overwhelming inquiry from the public, we are taking steps to make The King Report available to the public.  However, this report is not the usual garden variety tripe that is issued by the financial media and Wall Street. The author, Bill King, is a Wall Street trading veteran of 35 years.  Bill, in plain language, refutes conventional cant about Wall Street activity and articulates the real factors and impetuses that drive market activity.  The inside world of Wall Street is far different that what is disseminated to the masses.  Wall Street insiders seldom adorn their own portfolios or trading accounts with ‘recommended list’ issues.

Report Features

  • concise session summary
  • short-term investment strategy
  • macro strategy
  • trading technicals
  • sector-specific comments
  • a dash of political flavor.

Our Products consist of

Premium Package:  1)The King Report – Institutional-grade commentary and research for the active and serious investor.  This is the daily commentary that the largest US and foreign institutions receive.   2) You also receive the Weekly King Report.

Weekly King Report: A clear, concise weekly report that highlights the major trends in the important markets and helps individual investors filter as well as prioritize the mind-addling amount of noise and information that emanates from Wall Street and the financial media.